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Northern Ontario Plant Database



Calamagrostis canadensis:

108 record(s) selected. Click on the Accession number to view entire record.

Herbarium Accession # Location
LKHD 000681 Rice Bay, Lac La Croix, Ontario.
LKHD 000682 Dawson Trail, French Lake Headquarters, Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario.
LKHD 000686 Mission Rd., near Brule Bay, Fort William Indian Reserve, Ontario.
LKHD 000687 11 mi. W of Shebandowan Station, Hwy 11 at Kabaigon Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 000688 Hartbrook, Mountain Rd., 1.5 mi. SW of Fort William, Ontario.
LKHD 000689 Junior Rangers' Camp at French Lake, entrance to Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario.
LKHD 000690 HEPC right-of-way, 1 mi. E of Port Arthur, Ontario.
LKHD 000691 Stowe Point on Blind Channel at SW corner of St. Ignace, Ontario.
LKHD 000692 1 mi. E of Hwy 11, Postagoni Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 000693 N shore of Little Pigeon Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 000694 At Hartbrook Farm, Neebing Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 000695 Marin Island, Pigeon Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 000696 Nipigon River, just above old dam site at Virgin Falls, Ontario.
LKHD 000698 On Hwy 600, 10 mi. N of Rainy River, Ontario.
LKHD 000699 At Argon Park on Hwy 17, NE of Fallis Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 000700 Lot 3, Conc. 1, Upsala Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 000701 At High Falls near parking area on Pigeon River, Ontario.
SSMF 001512 16 mi. ESE of Beardmore, Ontario.
SSMF 001513 15 km SW of Shoal Island, Harricanaw River; island of the Kattawagami River, 43 km from Hannah, Ontario.
SSMF 001514 Hwy 101, 3 mi. E of Wawa, T.29, R.23, on S side of Wawa Lake, Ontario.
SSMF 001515 55 mi. WNW of Moosonee, near the Kinosheo [Kinoje] Lakes, Ontario.
SSMF 001516 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
SSMF 001519 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
SSMF 001520 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
SSMF 001521 Raith, Ontario.
SSMF 001522 Kennedy Twp. study area, Can. For. Serv., 12 mi. NE of Cochrane, Ontario.
SSMF 001526 McPhail Dam, on Michipicoten River, T.29, R.22, Ontario.
SSMF 010830 Steamboat Bay Camp, Hwy 11, Ontario.
SSMF 010838 Wawang Lake Camp, Snipe Lake Rd., Ontario.
SSMF 010841 McKenzie Lake Camp, Hwy 527, Ontario.
SSMF 010864 Approx. 17 km SE of Winisk, 11 km from coast, SW coast of Hudson Bay, Ontario.
SSMF 011575 0.5 km from S shore of Ship Sands Island, in Moose River estuary, 8 km E. of Moosonee, Ontario.
SSMF 011705 Thimble Creek research area, 28 km ESE of Beardmore, Ontario.
LKHD 017298 Worthington Bay, 2.5 mi. E of Schreiber, Ontario.
LKHD 017310 Road to first adit of N shore Gold Mine at Worthington Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 018167 Island in Muswabik Lake, 10 mi. N of Albany River, Ontario.
LKHD 020039 Just N of N mouth of Spruce River, Ontario.
LKHD 026566 Green Island, just W of Quebec Harbour, Michipicoten Island, Ontario.
LKHD 027046 McPhail Dam of Michipicoten River, Ontario.
LKHD 027539 Hwy 101, 3 mi. E of Wawa, Ontario.
LKHD 028789 In front of Gerows Cabin, Bowman Island, Ontario.
LKHD 030032 Jog Lake, NE of Chipman Lake, about 1 mi. W of the W edge of Jog Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 037636 Raith, Ontario.
LKHD 049094 Canyon at NW corner of Cavern Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 049971 Downstream from inland water survey cabin, island in Missinaibi River, Ontario.
LKHD 049990 E side of Commando Lake, Cochrane, Ontario.
LKHD 050154 About 3 mi. N of Peterbell along Missinaibi River, Ontario.
LKHD 050169 Along Hay River near the Missinaibi River, Lerwick Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 050425 About 12 mi. N of Mattice, along the Missinaibi River, Ontario.
LKHD 053484 On Lakeshore Rd. along Canadian Pacific Railway [CPR] tracks, NE of jct. with township road, Hurkett, Ontario.
LKHD 054232 Intercity, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 059696 Along Ridge River, Ontario.
LKHD 059905 Around Kettle Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 060094 Hwy 597, 2 km S of jct. with Hwy 595, Lot 9, Conc. I, Pardee, Ontario.
LKHD 061525 Centennial Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 062053 Stone Rapids along Missinaibi River, Ontario.
LKHD 062319 0.5 km W of expressway, 1.5 km S of Oliver Rd., Thunder Bay, Ontario.
OFRI 0635 Greta Greer, Ontario.
OFRI 0636 Rogers Twp., Ontario.
OFRI 0637 Fauquier Twp., Ontario.
OFRI 0638 Greta Greer, Ontario.
LKHD 063978 Saganagons Lake Rd., Ontario.
LKHD 071824 Lake Nipigon Provincial Park, Kilkenny Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 072349 Hwy 11, 1 km E of jct. with Hwy 801, Nezah, Ontario.
LKHD 072487 E Wildgoose Lake Rd., 2 km NW of Canadian National Railway [CNR] tracks, Kirby, Ontario.
LKHD 075929 On Hwy 642, 20 km N on logging road, 40 km E of Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
LKHD 090024 Lot 3, Conc. III, on Ranger lot, Marks Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 090407 W side of Hwy 502 at Godson Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 091084 S shore of Sturgeon Lake, near Portage Island, Ontario.
LKHD 093569 Entrance to Lake Nipigon Provincial Park, Ontario.
LKHD 093943 Lakehead University woodlot, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 094943 1 km SW of East Arrow Lake Rd., Castle Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 095369 E side of N mesa, Mount McKay, Ontario.
LKHD 095432 60 m E of dock area, Welcome Island B, Ontario.
LKHD 095869 Near W end of Crescent Lake, Mount McKay, Ontario.
LKHD 097567 Off Hwy 11, SE of Bear Pass, Rainy Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 098082 End of Hwy 613, E end of Lake Despair, Ontario.
LKHD 098277 6 km N of Hwy 588 on N side road, Strange Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 098485 Horseshoe Lake, Neebing Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 098521 Powell Lake, McIntyre Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 098624 Black River near Manitouwadge, Ontario.
LKHD 100478 Caldwell Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 100875 Property purchased by Field Naturalists near shore, Nipigon River, Ontario.
LKHD 102327 E side of N mesa, Mount McKay, Ontario.
LKHD 102328 E side of N mesa, Mount McKay, Ontario. 412 m elevation.
LKHD 102674 Cloud Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 102818 60 m E of dock area, Welcome Island B, Ontario.
LKHD 102874 Tee Harbour, Ontario.
LKHD 102879 E of Hwy 597, 1 km S of Olsen's store, Cloud Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 102941 E end of Spar Island, Ontario.
LKHD 103709 Cliff NE of Whitefish Lake, Ontario.
AUC 1040 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
AUC 1041 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
AUC 1042 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
LKHD 104255 N branch of Magone Rd., watershed of Walkinshaw Creek, Ontario.
AUC 2042 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
AUC 2043 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
AUC 2044 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
NHIC MJO19036 Kabeyun Trail to Sleeping Giant, Sleeping Giant (formerly Sibley) Provincial Park, Ont.
NHIC MJO19067 On Hwy 11, 5 km W of entrance to Quetico Provincial Park, Ont.
NHIC MJO62593 Vicinity of park office/staff house, Polar Bear Provincial Park, Peawanuck, Ont.
NHIC MJO76854 Summit with radio tower (295 m), Sutton Ridges, approx. 8 km SE of Aquatuk Lk. and 105 km S of Hudson Bay, Ont.
SSMF 001517 Off Candle Lake Rd., 1.5 mi. on Whalen Bay, Saskatchewan.
SSMF 001518 Mile 20.7, Candle Lake Rd., Saskatchewan.
SSMF 001523 Candle Lake Rd., Saskatchewan.
SSMF 001524 Central Research Forest, Can. For. Serv., Ramsayville, Ontario.
SSMF 001525 Mile --, Candle Lake Rd., Saskatchewan.
AUC 1206 [no data]
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